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Come experience the world’s first immersive urban zipline attraction 

體重限制: 最重100 公斤 ; 最輕30公斤 

高度限制: 最矮3英尺(90厘米); 最高6英尺6英寸(200厘米)

年齡限制: 最小7歲

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入場報到: 請在門票上顯示的體驗時間前30分鐘辦理入場報到手續。任何遲到的體驗者情況而重新分配到以後的體驗時間。

體重限制: 最重100 公斤 ; 30公斤

高度限制: 3英尺(90厘米); 6英尺6英寸(200厘米)

年齡限制: 最小7

陪同: 4名兒童 (12歲以下) 需要由1陪同18歲以上的監護人必須代表18歲以下的體驗者簽署「免責及同意書」。

穿適當的服: 請把髮束起,並除所有首飾和圍巾。穿合身的褲或膝的短褲。不建議穿或短裙。眼鏡必須摘下或由澳門飛索提供的眼鏡固定帶。請穿著不露趾鞋並有的運動鞋或平底鞋。不建議穿着高跟鞋或拖鞋。

避免攜帶大件物: 體驗者攜帶的所有小零散物品都將由澳門飛索的工作人員放入專用包裡您可以在行時隨身攜帶。由於澳門飛索不設有客戶儲物櫃,因此請不要攜帶大型物品入場,例如型背包、旅行袋或行李箱等

你的: 已預訂的體驗者請帶備此電子票和身份證前往澳門飛索的票務處進行登記報到。預訂後電子會發到您的電郵信箱。您可以電話或平板電腦上向澳門飛工作人員顯示您的電子票。


Admissions Policy

Check-in and Registration

  • Please check-in 30 minutes before the time specified on the voucher to start registration at the ZIPCITY ticketing counter. Any late check-ins may be re-allocated to a later time at the discretion of the ticketing counter.  
  • After check-in, the registration process will take 30 minutes and your actual activity time will be allocated after registration is complete.
  • Please note the activity time can be affected by several factors including weather, equipment maintenance or safety protocols.
  • We will endeavour to complete your activity within a 45 minute time period after registration is complete.
  • Photo ID is required to redeem tickets at the ZIPCITY ticketing counter.


  • Parental/Guardian authorization is necessary for children under 18 years old. Parent or Legal guardian must be present at ZIPCITY ticketing counter, with the child under 18 years old, to sign the waiver form on their behalf. The child will not be able to enjoy the activity/ies if this is not the case.  
  • Please note that on major public holidays hours may be extended, for further information please visit
  • For changes or cancellation of activities due to weather, please visit

 Appropriate Clothing

  • Closed-toed shoes or trainers are advised for all guests. We do not recommend dresses/skirts, dress shoes, high heels or flip flops. No loose items including handbags, head gear and jewellery. A bag for carrying loose items will be provided by ZipCity if needed.

Physical and Health Requirements

  • Participants must be in good physical health, as outlined in ZIPCITY’s Terms and Conditions. Participants must weigh between 30kg to 100kg.